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English plivate lesson



English lesson is necessary to booking.

09:15~09:45 or  12:15~12:45 Lesson reception at school desk near by ticket desk in KAMUI center building.

Lesson start am 10:00 or  pm 01:00

Below price not include lift ticket & rental equipment.


・when your group are beginners、 possibility that we can not get on the lift within lesson time.

・3H,4H lesson possibility include lunch break between.

・We are separate to rental equipment and lift pass.Please check this

​・Some of us have instructors who can speak Chinese.​

​Even if you can not speak English(Chinese) the price will not change.

it doesn't matter,our problem is cannot communicate with us.

Lesson arrangement for any level,absolute beginner!

This ski area have Central Hokkaido's powder snow!

If you read this article ,you will understand Our English is not so good.

But All instructor have a lot of experience and license.

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